Administrative Faculty Council


On May 5, 1994, the exempt, administrative employees of the Colorado School of Mines organized themselves as the Mines Administrative Faculty and established the Mines Administrative Faculty Council (AFC). The AFC was organized to serve as the representative body of the Administrative Faculty in the specific areas delineated in the Bylaws and to actively participate in such policy matters of Mines which may affect or be of interest to the Administrative Faculty. 

The Mines Administrative Faculty Council Articles of Organization and Bylaws are currently being updated. Check back soon for our newest versions!

What does AFC do?

The Administrative Faculty Council (AFC) supports administrative faculty at Colorado School of Mines by:

  • Serving as a resource for administrative faculty and facilitates effective communication for important university-wide or administrative faculty-specific updates
  • Recognizes the efforts and achievements of administrative faculty
  • Facilitates and fosters professional relationships across campus and assists in building a stronger Mines community through professional programming and peer networking opportunities
  • Acts as a liaison to the Faculty Senate, Association of Classified Employees (ACE) and other such employee representative groups that gain official Mines recognition

Connected Learning Community Award

The Connected Learning Community Award is given to an administrative faculty member who has demonstrated and modeled in their work at Mines the concepts of the connected learning community.

  • 2024: Sheena Martinez & Lia Franklin
  • 2023: Kathleen Feighny
  • 2022: Wendy Winter-Searcy
  • 2021: Jeri Brewer
  • 2020: Nancy Progar
  • 2019: Louisa Duley
  • 2018: Katie Schmalzel
  • 2017: Rebecca Flintoft
  • 2016: Mary Elliott
  • 2015: Jennie Kenney
  • 2014: Brenda Chergo
  • 2013: Rob Thompson
  • 2012: Angie Reyes
  • 2011: Esther Henry
  • 2009: Gary Bowersock
  • 2008: Andrea Salazar
  • 2006: Kelly Fox
  • 2005: Debra Lasich
  • 2004: Kathleen Feighny & Terre Deegan-Young
  • 2003: Tim Cake & Melody Francisco

Employee of the Year Award

The Faculty Employee of the Year Award seeks to recognize an administrative faculty member who embodies Mines’ mission, produces quality work, and consistently displays characteristics valued and appreciated through their every-day job expectations.

  • 2024: Lindsay Buyserie
  • 2023: Dr. Megan Sanders
  • 2022: Dorie Chen
  • 2021: Ed Dempsey