Connected Learner Award


The Connected Learning Community Award for Administrative Faculty seeks to recognize those Administrative Faculty Members who exemplify the model of individual work for the common good of the institution.  Connected Learning Community Award nominees show outstanding habits of experimentation, hands-on and active learning, and the intentional forging of connections across campus that reach beyond the scope of their everyday job duties.  Nominees strive to be lifelong learners who inspire both their mentors and peers.

Below is the list of Connected Learning Community Award winners:

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Jeri Brewer
Assistant Director of Admissions

Jeri was born and raised in Colorado.  As the Assistant Director of Admissions focusing on Visitor Programs, Jeri is primarily responsible for coordinating day-to-day visits, facilitating group tours and planning Preview Mines and Discover Mines events.  She supervises the Student Ambassador Team.

Recognition:  Jeri has been an exemplary campus community member over the past four years. This year in particular, though, she has significantly contributed to the broader Mines @150 goals. Jeri organized “Woke Wednesday”, an hour-long session with activities, videos, open ended questions and discussions around social and racial injustice, for the admissions team. She is leading the effort to strategically work on building a student ambassador (aka tour guide) team that includes current students from more diverse backgrounds which aligns with the Mines @150 goal of better reflecting the demographics of Colorado. Finally, Jeri serves as a CSM101 instructor, a buddy in the Mines HR buddy program, she has submitted a nomination to join the Administrative Faculty Council, and she serves on the DI&A Implicit Bias training team and has lead three trainings already for students and employees across campus.


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