AFC Bake Off: Challenge Throwdown 2014

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Bake Off Challenge Throwdown 2014
# Challenger Challenge Challenge Accepted By
1 Patti Nichols Patti Nichols' Savory Challenge:  Patti challenges any and all bakers to bring their best savory baked about a buttery herb bread! ??
2 Vicki Nichol Vicki Nichol has bread stick and cake money burning holes in her pockets. She's itching to bid and buy. Vicki challenges any and all bakers to bring their best bread sticks, spice cake, and pumpkin cake. Jackie Twehues, and ??
3 Ginny Lee Previous Bake Off Winners are challenged to defend their titles by baking something new or repeat with a previous winning entry! [Recent Previous Winners in alphabetical order: Roxane Angst, Tabatha Brawand, Ron Brummett (retired), Julie Coakley, Kathleen Feighny, Jennie Kenney, Margaret Kenney.] Ginny Lee, ??
4 Anonymous Banana Bread Challenge: Bring it! ??

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WHAT: Submit or Accept a Bake Off Challenge!
Challenges can be as specific or open as you want. Challenges can include:
  • A named individual or group of people, a department, or an open challenge to any takers.
  • A specific item (eg, cronut, lemon meringue pie).
  • A category of bake sale goods (eg, pies).
  • A specific ingredient (eg, dark chocolate) or category of ingredient (eg, citrus). (Think Iron Chef ingredient challenges!) Or exclude ingredients (eg, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, etc).
  • A favorite recipe.
  • Ask for something that you've purchased or tasted at a previous AFC Bake Off that you'd like to bid on for your holiday table. (Please include as much detail as possible so we can forward your challenge to the appropriate people.)
  • ?? (BE CREATIVE!)
  • You can also submit a Counter Challenge.

More to get you thinking:

  • Baker-to-Baker Challenge:  Challenge named or unnamed individual(s) to compete against you with a baking category or specific item. (eg, Who can make the best cheese cake?)
  • NonBaker-to-Baker Challenges:  Challenge a named or unnamed individual(s) to make something that you would like to bid on for your holiday table: a favorite item or favorite recipe that you supply.
  • Department Challenge:  Challenge your own or another department or group.
HOW: To SUBMIT a challenge:  Contact Ginny Lee by Thursday Nov 20, 2014. (If you are looking for help to craft a perfect & pithy challenge, Ginny is available to help with suggestions or wordsmithing.)
To ACCEPT a challenge:  Register your entry on the Bake Off Registration page and contact Ginny Lee by Noon on Monday Nov 24, 2014. (This is the same closing date/time as for Contest and Pro Bakers Contest entries.)
Submitted and accepted challenges will be posted to this page.
If you have questions, or to submit or accept a challenge, contact Ginny Lee (x2122 or send email to glee at

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